To create a project

  1. In the main window of the Penmap Project Manager (the Trimble Connect projects screen), double-click the project folder to open the folder and then click New project.
  2. In the General tab:
    1. Enter a project name and, if required, a project description.
    2. Select a project template. The template defines the feature library that the project uses.
  3. Click Next.
  4. In the Coordinate system tab, select the appropriate coordinate system details for the project.

    If the coordinate system you need is not available, you can create it using Trimble Coordinate System Manager. This software can be installed to your desktop computer with the Penmap Project Manager software using Trimble Installation Manager for Windows. See To install Penmap Project Manager. For more information on creating your own coordinate system, refer to the User Defined Coordinate Systems support bulletin.

  5. Click Next.
  6. In the Data tab, select the source data that should be used for the project, for example a list of control point coordinates to work with:
    1. Click Browse to select files.
    2. If the file is a CSV file, select the format used in the CSV format field.
    3. Select the horizontal and vertical units for the source data.
    4. Click Next.
  7. In the Users tab, assign a field user to the field task.

    By default the signed in user is automatically assigned to the project.

    You can add more users to the organization in Trimble Connect project settings.

  8. Click Submit.

Once you click Submit:

  • A Penmap project file is created on your desktop.
  • The project is automatically uploaded to Trimble Connect. Any source data you selected is also uploaded with the project.
  • A field task is created for the project, and the user(s) you selected are assigned to the field task in Trimble Connect.
  • A message confirms the project was successfully created and an email notification is sent to the assigned user.

    If the source data is large or the server load is very high, process creation can take some time. Refer to the email notification for more information.

The new project appears in the project list: