Penmap for Android

Penmap for Android is an integrated surveying and GIS application that runs on Android™ devices.

Use the large map display to collect features as graphical objects and add GIS records to the feature.

Penmap provides a range of survey methods to create nodes for features, including GNSS positioning, cogo calculations such as bilateration and chain and offset. You can also create a range of construction nodes, from which to create other nodes. Alternatively, key in coordinates or add them by tapping the map. Use as many different methods as required to add all of the nodes you need to any feature.

Penmap for Android uses the Trimble Connect cloud-based collaboration platform to download projects sent from the office and to upload data collected in the field.

Penmap Project Manager

Penmap Project Manager is a desktop application where you can set up your organization(s), add/remove users, create projects and templates and export the data collected in the field. It works in conjunction with Trimble Connect to store all your settings and project via the cloud.

Penmap Project Manager is included with your Penmap subscription. You can install it to your desktop computer using Trimble Installation Manager for Windows.