To export project data

  1. Touch‑hold the project in the project list to view the Project details screen.
  2. Tap .
  3. In the Type of export field, select the file type to export the data to. Select the appropriate CSV format, or select the Shapefile, AutoCAD DXF 2004, AutoCAD DWG 2018, or Penmap UNV file format.

    Custom CSV formats must be defined using Penmap Project Manager. See User defined CSV export formats.

  4. Select the units for the horizontal and vertical distances.
  5. To export only new and modified data since the project was last synchronized, select the Only new and modified data check box.
  6. To download the export file when export is complete, select the Download when finished check box.
  7. Tap Export.

    Wait while the export process completes. When the export is finished, the software returns to the project overview screen.