Version 3.1.1 of the Trimble® Perspective software is available from 22 November, 2022. Alternatively, you can download these release notes as a PDF file.

These Release Notes describe the new features and changes available in this release of the Trimble Perspective software.

New features and enhancements

X7 Area Scans

Support to perform area scans with the Trimble X7 scanner. After a station scan, perform an area scan for a user-defined area within your project site to provide greater detail of specific regions.

X12 DFS Channels for Japanese Region

Added Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) Channels for 5 GHz frequencies. This support is for the Japanese Region only.

Trimble Perspective version 3.1.1 requires firmware updates for the Trimble X7 (2.5.12) and Trimble X12 ( laser scanners.

Resolved issues

  • Activity Log: Trimble Perspective activity log created upon project finalization

  • E57 Export: resolved a station leveling issue related to e57 export

  • X7 Connection: auto reconnect after manual disconnection issue resolved

  • Create Point: resolved issue related to annotations prior to point creation

  • Level of Precision: ability to change the number of decimal places

  • Elevation Filter: resolved issue where point cloud was visible with filter thickness of zero

  • TDX Export: TDX format is default upon export

  • POD Export: resolved POD export issue

  • LAS Export: resolved LAS export issue

  • Georeferencing: resolved XY coordinate inversion issue after control point creation

  • Instrument Settings: resolved report display issue when settings accessed through project browser

  • Precision Point: resolved issue where precision point and laser pointer could be out of sync

  • Magnifier Tool: added ability to set parameter with a leading decimal

  • Low Battery Warning: low battery warning now appears after scan station completion

  • Registration Display: resolved incorrect station numbering displayed during registration

  • Registration Tool: removed ability to launch the same registration tool multiple times

  • Registration Logic: resolved issue of incorrect registration reference after synchronization

  • Registration for Stationary Scanner: incorrect registration result resolved for stationary scanner

  • Registration UI: station visibility icon issue for registration sets is resolved

  • UI Menu: blue highlight added to cancel button in Edit Report Details menu

  • Refine Report Edit: Save button is disabled until an edit is made

  • Notifications: resolved issue causing multiple notifications related to scanner battery level

  • Scanner Information: scanner information added to station details

  • Notifications: resolved busy scanner notification upon Trimble Perspective launch

  • Project Synchronization: resolved issue causing scans to be ignored during project sync

  • WiFi Channels: 5 GHz channels included for Japanese Region

  • Scanner Icons: updated scanner connection icons to match

  • LOG Export: warning message created to notify user of scanner connection for LOG export

  • TDX Export: resolved issue for TDX re-export causing missing TZF files

  • TXT Import: resolved issue related to .txt file import

  • X7 Precision Point: resolved laser orientation issue related to fine adjustment arrows