Trimble Sync Manager

Use Trimble Sync Manager to easily share survey project data between field and office using the Trimble Connect cloud-based collaboration platform. In the field, users can download and upload data from within the Trimble Access software (version 2018.00 or later). In the office, use the Trimble Sync Manager desktop app to upload and download data.

When connected to the Internet and signed in using their Trimble ID, surveyors can easily download projects and jobs to the controller in the field. Any linked files, including CSV, DXF, coordinate system and feature manager library files are downloaded with the job and stored in the appropriate folder on the controller. Because the Job properties are all configured in the office, the job is ready to start as soon as it is downloaded. Once fieldwork is underway, data can be easily uploaded to the cloud at any time and reviewed in the office.

Controllers must have a valid Trimble Access software maintenance warranty to synchronize data on the controller.

The Trimble Sync Manager Help describes how to use the Trimble Sync Manager desktop application to create jobs, assign them to team members, review data sent from the Trimble Access field software and then export the data to your office software. For information on how to work with projects and jobs in Trimble Access, visit the Trimble Access Help Portal.

Select job data from your usual survey office software

The Trimble Sync Manager desktop application is installed with Trimble Business Center. You can send data as well as project settings straight to Trimble Sync Manager from your project in the Trimble Business Center software. Use the Trimble Sync Manager desktop application to create the job with fully configured job properties inherited from the Trimble Business Center project.

If you use other survey and civil engineering software such as AutoCAD Civil 3D, 12d Model, or Bentley civil software, you can download the Trimble Sync Manager desktop application from Use your usual surveying and civil engineering software to export the data for the field and then use Trimble Sync Manager to organize the data into projects and jobs. All job properties can be configured in Trimble Sync Manager and, if required, saved as a template to speed up the creation of subsequent jobs.

Assign jobs and review data in Trimble Sync Manager

Use the Trimble Sync Manager desktop application to create jobs and assign them to team members. If required, jobs can be reassigned to different team members at any time.

To upload projects and jobs to the cloud from Trimble Sync Manager, you must be signed in using your Trimble ID. Changes are uploaded to the cloud automatically.

Once fieldwork is in progress, you can generate reports to complete data quality reviews as the data is uploaded from the field or once the fieldwork is complete. You can export field data to Trimble Business Center or to your other survey and civil engineering software from the Review job screen in Trimble Sync Manager.

Value added integration

The Trimble Sync Manager adds survey‑specific context to Trimble Connect using Connect TODO and a Configuration folder to manage the tightly integrated transfer of jobs between the field and office.

The Trimble Sync Manager system configures Trimble Connect projects for the survey workflow. Existing Trimble Connect customers are able to view the information using the interfaces they are accustomed to, however the full benefits of the system will be seen when using Trimble Sync Manager and Trimble Access 2018.00 or later. If a Trimble Connect project has not been configured by Trimble Sync Manager, the user will receive an message stating Project was not created with Trimble Sync Manager. To resolve this the Trimble Connect project must be accessed using Trimble Sync Manager.