What's new?

Recent changes to Trimble Sync Manager are outlined below.

For information on the latest improvements to Trimble Access support for projects and jobs that reside in the cloud, visit the Trimble Access Release Notes Portal.

Version 1.4.63, released August 2021

The Trimble Sync Manager software should automatically update to this version from previous versions.

Software updates required before 31 August 2021

Trimble Sync Manager version 1.4.63 includes updates to service calls which are impacted by the latest Trimble Identity updates.

To be able to use the Map Tiles and Pipelines services in Trimble Sync Manager you must update your software to the latest version before August 31, 2021. Update to Trimble Access version 2021.10 or later is also required before August 31, 2021.


  • 4k monitor support: The upgrade dialogue now displays correctly on a high resolution monitor.

  • Joint mapping options: Joint mapping options were limited to attributes of the attribute linked feature code. and displayed in file order. This is now resolved. All attributes are available and display in alphabetical order.

  • Attribute linking: Attributes were previously displayed in file order. They now display in alphabetical order.

Resolved issues

  • Microsoft .NET Framework: Corruption was occasionally occurring in personalized settings which prevented Trimble Sync Manager from opening. Trimble Sync Manager will now remove the corrupted settings and open. Any corrupted settings that have been removed will need to be re-entered.

  • Invalid project name: If a space was left at the end of a project name then Trimble Sync Manager would fail to create the cloud project. Trimble Sync Manager now removes any spaces at the end of the project name before creating the project in the cloud.

  • Horizontal scroll bar: A horizontal scrollbar has been added to the Project and Project Overview forms.

  • Remember me: Trimble Sync Manager would request sign in whenever the device had been offline. This is now resolved and an existing sign in will be respected for nine days if Remember me was selected at sign in.

  • Job review - datum grid: Job review failed to display reduced points and generate reports when a datum grid is used. This has been resolved.

  • Download failure: Trimble Sync Manager would fail silently if automated download was set to a read‑only directory. An error is now displayed.

  • Broken help link: The online help link in the Merge tally updates screen was broken. This is resolved.

  • Pipeline reports: Pipeline reports would not download after they had been regenerated. This is now resolved