What's new?

Recent changes to Trimble Sync Manager are outlined below.

For information on the latest improvements to Trimble Access support for projects and jobs that reside in the cloud, visit the Trimble Access Release Notes Portal.

Version 1.4.62, released June 2021

The Trimble Sync Manager software should automatically update to this version from previous versions.

Software updates required before 31 August 2021

Trimble Sync Manager version 1.4.62 includes the latest Trimble Identity update, which provides multiple security and user experience features.

To continue to sign in to Trimble Sync Manager with your Trimble Identity and be able to send data to and from Trimble Sync Manager, you must update your software to the latest version before August 31, 2021. Update to Trimble Access version 2021.10 is also required before August 31, 2021.

Users using earlier versions of Trimble Sync Manager and Trimble Access software use a Trimble Identity method which is no longer supported. Sign in through these earlier versions will not be possible after August 31, 2021.

The Trimble Identity update includes single sign-on (where signing in to one application signs you in to all of your Trimble applications), social sign-in with your existing Google or Apple account, and multi-factor authentication using SMS or Google Authenticator. You can choose to enable multi-factor authentication for your account from the Trimble Identity web page. For more information, go to www.trimble.com/trimble-identity-update.


  • Job description in job list: The job list now includes a column showing the job description.

Resolved issues

  • Linking FXL files: You can now add an FXL file to the project and then link the file to a new job without first having to close and reopen the project.
  • Job name and reference: The maximum number of characters for the job name and the job reference is now consistent with Trimble Access.
  • Job units: Trimble Sync Manager now remembers the last used job units when creating a new job.
  • Project height: You can now enter a negative project height. Previously only positive values were accepted.
  • Reports output in UTF-8: We recently reintroduced an issue when generating reports from stylesheets with output encoding set to UTF-8 where reports were output in UTF-8 BOM. Reports are nowcorrectly output in UTF-8 format.