Use a Catalyst On Demand subscription

Catalyst On Demand is an hour-by-hour license option for the Catalyst service. It enables best-available accuracy using Trimble Catalyst with the ability to draw down hour-length licenses from a pool of time that can be shared with an unlimited number of team members.

The On Demand tile appears in the Licenses screen if you have selected Catalyst as your Position source, and your account has been allocated a seat in a Catalyst On Demand pool.

If you already have a Catalyst 1 license associated with your account you will not see any Catalyst On Demand pools

The tile displays the following information:

  • The current Catalyst On Demand pool account owner whose pool you are assigned to.
  • The total number of hours available in the shared On Demand pool.
  • The number of minutes remaining in the current on-demand session.

The On Demand tile also displays a button to let you start a new Catalyst On Demand session (one-hour duration) or to add 1 hour to an existing on-demand session. See To start a Catalyst On Demand session.