Coordinate systems in Map Viewer and TerraFlex

An advantage of using TerraFlex to update your GIS, is that the Map Viewer, TerraFlex, and the configurable real time correction sources for collecting data for your project all use the same coordinate system settings. Any data you add to the map workspace must be in either the same datum as that used by the map workspace, or you can import files that are in the WGS 1984 datum.

Because all data in the project is in the same coordinate system, this reduces a major source of error common to GIS workflows, where feature data must transit through one or more systems or applications and use a different coordinate system in each application. When comparing coordinates of newly collected GIS features with previously collected feature data with different coordinate system-related properties, errors are frequently seen. For example, failing to properly handle differences in GNSS and GIS coordinate systems in North America can cause a GIS feature “offset” of up to 1.5 m.

Several concepts are key to understanding the impact of coordinate systems and geodetics on GIS data collection workflows.

More information on coordinate systems, and the common pitfalls associated with working with GIS data is covered in our blog series Coordinate Systems in Trimble GIS Workflows.