Capturing remote features

In some situations you are unable to get close to the feature or asset you are collecting or updating. For example, the feature could be located behind a fence or on the surface of a busy road. In this situation, you can capture the remote feature using a laser rangefinder connected to your device. The laser rangefinder measures the distance to the feature from your current position and this distance is stored as an offset position.

You can also use a laser rangefinder to speed up your data collection workflow if you have several features to collect and a clear line of sight to them all. Stand in one location and use the laser rangefinder to capture the position of each feature. This saves you having to walk up to each feature to log its position.

TerraFlex supports the following laser rangefinders:

  • With iOS devices:

    • LaserTech TruPulse 200X laser rangefinder

  • With Android or Windows devices:

    • LaserTech TruPulse 200 laser rangefinder

    • LaserTech TruPulse 200X laser rangefinder

    • LaserTech TruPulse 360° laser rangefinder