TrimbleĀ® Tunnels software is specifically designed for surveying in tunnels.

Use Tunnels to:

  • Define your tunnel
    • Define tunnel components including horizontal and vertical alignments, templates, and rotation, or import a definition from a LandXML file.
    • Define end‑face blast holes and set‑out positions typically used for bolt holes.
    • Review the tunnel before going underground.
  • Survey your tunnel
    • Auto scan cross sections including options to manually measure and delete points.
    • Measure positions relative to the tunnel definition.
    • Set out predefined positions.
    • Position machinery, typically a drilling rig, relative to the tunnel.
  • Output and reports
    • Review auto scanned and manually measured points.
    • Review set out points.

Using Tunnels

When starting a survey you are prompted to select the survey style you have configured for your equipment.

To switch between applications, tap the application icon in the status bar and then select the application to switch to.

To define and survey the tunnel using the term 'chainage' rather than 'station' for the distance along the tunnel, from the main Trimble Access screen select Settings / Language and then select the Use chainage distance terminology check box.