To draw on an image

You can draw linework, polygons or add text to any image in the job.

The Draw option is available when viewing a JPG image in:

  • the Review job screen

    Select the media file and then click Expand to make the Media file screen fullscreen.

  • the Video screen after capturing the image using the Snapshot option

To draw on the image:

  1. Tap Draw.
  2. From the Draw tool bar select the appropriate option to draw items on the image:
    • freehand line work
    • lines
    • rectangles
    • ellipses
    • text

    To split text onto a new line, press Shift + Enter or Ctrl + Enter.

  3. To reposition the item, tap and hold on the item and then drag it.

    To undo an edit, tap .

  4. To change the line width, style, and color or the text color, background color, and size of the item, tap and hold the item and then tap Options.
  5. To save a copy of the original image to the <project>\<job name> Files\Original Files folder, tap Options and select Save original image.

    If you do not have a job open, images are saved to the current project folder and original images are saved to the Original Files folder inside the current project folder.

  6. Tap Save.

    To view the original image in the Review Job screen, tap Original. To return to the edited image, tap Modified.