RTK initialization

When you start an RTK survey, if base corrections are being received and there are sufficient satellites, the survey initializes automatically using the on the fly initialization method. A survey must be initialized before centimeter‑level surveying can begin. If required, To initialize on a known point.

After initialization, the survey mode changes from Not initialized to Initialized. The mode remains Initialized if the receiver continuously tracks the minimum number of satellites. If the mode changes to Not initialized, you must reinitialize the survey.

Initialization reliability depends on the initialization method used and whether multipath occurred during the initialization phase. Multipath occurs when GNSS signals are reflected off objects, such as the ground, a building, or trees. When initializing, always choose a site that has a clear view of the sky and is free of obstructions that could cause multipath. The initialization process in Trimble receivers is very reliable, but to reduce the effects of multipath, use good survey practice and periodically check your initialization by measuring previously measured points with a new initialization. To reduce the effects of multipath during an on-the-fly initialization, move around.