Projects & jobs

A project is a folder for grouping Trimble Access jobs and the files used by those jobs, including control points, road or alignment RXL files, background images or surfaces, and reference files for the project such as site or health and safety information.

A job contains the raw survey data from one or more surveys, and the configuration settings for the job including coordinate system, calibration, and measurement unit settings. Scan data and media images captured during the survey are stored in separate files and linked to the job. A job may also contain control points if you have imported them into the job instead of using a linked file from the project folder.

To start a survey you must have at least one project and one job.

Projects and jobs can be local to the controller or they can reside on the Trimble Connect cloud collaboration platform, from which they can be downloaded to the controller. On the controller, jobs are stored in the appropriate project folder in the Trimble Data folder. For more information on how files and folders are organized on the controller, see Trimble data folders.

When creating a job, you can save the settings as a template and then create subsequent jobs using the template. Jobs in the same project usually have the same settings but this is not essential.