Favorite screens and functions

Favorites and Functions enable you to create shortcuts to software screens, map controls, or to enable/disable an instrument or receiver function. You can add your own items to the Favorites list and/or you can assign them to a function key on the controller. For example, if you assign the DR function to the F3 function key on the controller, during a conventional survey press F3 to enable/disable DR mode when viewing any screen in the software.

The Favorites list is shown next to the menu when you tap . Tap a Favorite to go straight to that screen or to enable/disable that instrument/receiver function.

You can also create groups of favorites and functions and then use the group that matches your workflow. For example you might use one group when using an SX10 scanning total station and another group when using an R10 receiver. When using groups the function that is enabled when you press F3 for example, depends on whether you are using the SX10 or the R10 group of functions.

If you are using a tablet that has programmable buttons instead of dedicated function keys, such as the Trimble T10 tablet, then you must enable the Use function keys check box in the Select language screen. Use the Button Manager app installed on the T10 to set any of the three programmable buttons on the front of the tablet as function keys. For more information, refer to the Trimble T10 Tablet User Guide. If you are using a third-party tablet, check your tablet documentation for information on supported function keys and whether they are programmable.

When in the Favorites screen, you can use the controller keypad to enter the keypad character (1–9, 0, - or .) indicated on the first twelve tiles to enable/disable the Favorite function or open the appropriate screen.

The Return to panel next to the Favorites list shows previously viewed screens that are still open. Tap an item to return to that screen.