Automating data upload using the Sync scheduler

Use the Sync scheduler screen to automate synchronization to the cloud for the current project.

The settings in the Sync scheduler screen are saved to the controller and applied to any cloud project when it is the current project. This means you can configure these settings once and you don't need to configure them again for new projects.

For example, if you have three projects and you set the Sync scheduler to upload data to the cloud every hour, then only the current project will upload data to the cloud every hour. If you open a different project, then data in that project is now uploaded to the cloud every hour.

Only new and modified data is uploaded to the cloud using the Sync scheduler. By default all field data and data exported from jobs is included, but new or modified project files linked to jobs are not included. To choose to upload only some files, or to include project files, see Synchronizing data with the cloud.

To open the Sync scheduler screen, tap in the Projects screen.