Cadastral point tolerance checks

Trimble Access provides the ability to check measured or staked out points have been double‑tied to ensure they meet the cadaster regulations for being within tolerance. To date, this feature has been developed to meet cadaster regulations in Switzerland. If your country uses the same cadastral tolerance checking rules you may be able to use this functionality in your own region.

To use this functionality in Trimble Access you will need to add an XML file to the Trimble Data\System Files folder. The XML file defines the cadastral codes and specifies the different tolerance requirements for the type of point being measured or staked. The sample CadastralTolerances.xml file is available to help you get started.

Once you have enabled cadastral tolerance checking in the job, the Trimble Access software automatically checks the tolerances for cadastral points in the job when you stake a point or compute an average of two or more points. The status of each cadastral point is displayed on the map and is summarized in the job screen.