Managing jobs

The Jobs screen appears each time you open a project or create a local project. To view the Jobs screen at any time, tap and select Job.

The Jobs screen lists the jobs and folders in the current folder. If there are no jobs in the project, you can create one in Trimble Access.

Tap a job to select it. The job details panel shows information about the job, including description, status, and linked files. To view the job details in portrait mode, tap and select Details.

You can open .job (JOB) files created using a recent previous version of Trimble Access with the latest version of the software. Trimble Access automatically converts the job to the current version.

Where possible, Trimble recommends using the job (.job) file created in Trimble Access in preference to the equivalent JobXML or JXL (.jxl) file created in Trimble Business Center. For more information, see Using existing jobs with the latest version of Trimble Access.