Snap‑to toolbar

The Snap‑to toolbar provides a simple way to select locations on objects in the map by snapping onto a specific point, even if no point exists. For example, you can use the Snap‑to toolbar to accurately select the end point of a line or polyline, or the center of an arc, from linework in a map file such as a BIM model or DXF file.

To display the toolbar, tap on the map toolbar and then select Snap‑to toolbar. The Snap‑to toolbar is only available when you are using General Survey.

To "snap" to a location on a feature, tap the appropriate tool in the Snap‑to toolbar and then select the line, polyline, or arc in the map.

To use the same tool multiple times, tap and hold the appropriate tool in the Snap‑to toolbar to keep the tool selection active and then select the features in the map. For example, to select the end points of multiple lines, tap and hold the Snap to end button and then select each line. To change to a different tool, tap a different button in the Snap‑to toolbar.

If a point does not already exist at the selected location, Trimble Access calculates a point. You can use calculated points like any other point, for example to stake out or to perform other Cogo functions. To be able to reuse a calculated point in the future, create a point from the calculated point and store it to the job.

Calculated points are automatically removed when you update the map, such as when changing map settings or linked files. To remove calculated points at any time, tap the Clear selection button on the toolbar, or double-tap in the map.

It is also possible to create calculated points at specific locations using Cogo functions. See Cogo calculations.

Snap-to tools

Select Function

Snap to midpoint

Snap to the midpoint of the selected line, polyline, or arc.

Snap to end

Snap to the nearest end point of the selected line or polyline.

Snap to intersection

Snap to the real or apparent intersection of two lines or polylines.

An apparent intersection occurs when two lines or polylines do not physically intersect but could be extended to intersect at a projected point. To snap to an apparent intersection you must select two lines or polylines.

A real intersection occurs at the position where two lines or polylines cross (in plan view). To snap to a real intersection you need only select one line or polyline close to the crossing point.

Snap to PI of arc

Snap to the point of intersection (PI) of the selected arc.

Snap to center

Snap to the center of the selected arc.

Snap to nearest

Snap to the nearest point of the selected line, polyline, or arc.

Clear selection

Removes calculated points and lines and clears the selection of any other items in the map. Alternatively, double-tap anywhere in the map.

To create points from calculated points

  1. Select the calculated point (or points) in the map.
  2. Tap and hold in the map and select Create point. This option is not available if you have selected a mix of points and calculated points.
  3. Enter the Point name.

  4. If required, enter the code for the point in the Code field.

  5. Tap Store.