Trimble® Mines software is specifically designed for surveying in mining environments.

Use Mines to:

  • Define and auto stake center, grade, and laser lines to align a drilling rig.
  • Auto stake predefined blast hole positions.
  • Auto stake predefined pivot points to position a drilling rig.
  • Generate reports for the surveyed mine.

Use the Cogo menu to carry out coordinate geometry (cogo) functions without having to switch to General Survey. You can also access some of these cogo functions from the tap and hold menu in the map. For information on all available cogo functions, see Cogo calculations.

When starting a survey you are prompted to select the survey style you have configured for your equipment.

To switch between applications, tap the application icon in the status bar and then select the application to switch to. Alternatively, tap and tap the name of the app you are currently using, and then select the application to switch to.