The specialized application for the Monitoring software extends the functionality of the Trimble Access software to expedite data collection for monitoring applications.

The workflow is streamlined for regular, but not necessarily continuous, control and deformation surveys. You can:

  • Easily set up a station.
  • Measure the backsight and all foresight targets and save their details to the job for subsequent site visits.
  • Define the measurement parameters such as epoch interval and tolerance.
  • View reports of movement above the specified tolerance – there is no need for major analysis in the field.
  • View information on the measurement epoch while still in the field and then output reports that compare known coordinates with measurements over time.

Typical monitoring workflow

The typical workflow when using the Monitoring software is to:

  1. Create a new job or open an existing job.
  2. If required, import known points.
  3. Start the survey.
  4. Complete the station setup.
  5. If required, add monitoring points.
  6. Start monitoring. Typical uses are:
    • Recurrent (daily, weekly) monitoring of one epoch where the total station is detached.
    • Long term monitoring (for example, a whole day) where the total station is not removed.
  7. During monitoring the software shows measurement progress and temporary translations/results.
  8. On completion, the software shows the final translations/results.
  9. If required, end monitoring and end the survey.
  10. Use the Monitoring software to view displacements and export data to different report formats.