Introduction to Roads

Trimble Access Roads software is a specialized application for surveying roads. Use the Roads software to:

  • Upload an existing road definition. Supported file types are RXL, LandXML, 12da, and GENIO files.
  • Key in an RXL road definition including horizontal and vertical alignments, templates, and superelevation and widening records.
  • Review the road definition.
  • Stake out the road.
  • Generate a report for the staked road data to check data in the field, or to transfer data from the field to your client or to the office for further processing with office software.

Use the Cogo menu to carry out coordinate geometry (cogo) functions without having to switch to General Survey. You can also access some of these cogo functions from the tap and hold menu in the map. For information on all available cogo functions, see Cogo calculations.

When starting a survey you are prompted to select the survey style you have configured for your equipment.

To switch between applications, tap the application icon in the status bar and then select the application to switch to. Alternatively, tap and tap the name of the app you are currently using, and then select the application to switch to.

To customize the terminology used in the software, tap and select Settings / Language. Select:

  • Use railroad terminology if you are surveying a railroad and wish to use railroad‑specific terminology.
  • Use chainage distance terminology to use the term Chainage instead of Station for the distance along the road.