To determine the station elevation

In a conventional survey, use the station elevation function to determine the elevation of the instrument point by making observations to points with known elevations.

The station elevation calculation is a grid calculation. Use only points that can be viewed as grid coordinates. To calculate the station elevation you need at least one angles and distance observation to a known point, or two angles only observations to different points.

  1. Start a survey and perform a station set up.
  2. Tap and select Measure / Station elevation.

    The instrument point details entered during the station setup are shown.

  3. If you did not enter the instrument height during station setup, enter the instrument height now. Tap Accept.
  4. Enter the point name, code, and target details for the point with the known elevation.
  5. Tap Measure. Once the measurement is stored, the Point residuals screen appears.
  6. In the Point residuals screen, tap:
    • + Point to observe additional known points
    • Details to view or edit point details
    • Use to enable or disable a point
  7. To view the station elevation result, tap Results in the Point residuals screen.
  8. Tap Store.

    Any existing elevation for the instrument point is overwritten.