Trimble Access

If you are not yet using Trimble Access 2018.00, make sure you take a look at the release notes for Trimble Access 2018.00 for information on the new-look Trimble Access software.

These changes apply to General Survey as well as other Trimble Access applications.

New hardware support

SPS785 GNSS Smart Antenna

Trimble Access version 2018.21 supports the new Trimble SPS785 GNSS Smart Antenna.

Trimble Alloy GNSS Reference Receiver

Trimble Access version 2018.21 supports the new Trimble Alloy GNSS Reference Receiver.

Resolved issues

  • T10 tablet internal GNSS: We have resolved an issue where if you started the Trimble Access software immediately after starting the Trimble T10 tablet, the Trimble Access software was not always able to locate the internal GNSS receiver.
  • T10 tablet radio stops working after docking tablet: We have resolved an issue where if you started the Trimble Access software when the Trimble T10 tablet was docked, the software no longer recognized the internal radio.
  • Station setup: We have resolved an issue where an abandoned backsight measurement was incorrectly writing an azimuth record. This resulted in deltas not being displayed when the backsight was remeasured, and could result in incorrectly oriented station setups.

  • Bottom notch height measurement: The Trimble Access software now offers the Bottom notch measurement method in the Instrument height field only if the connected instrument has a bottom notch to measure to. These instruments are a Trimble S Series total station, Trimble SX10 scanning total station, and Spectra Precision® FOCUS® 35 or 30 total station.
  • S Series scanning: We have resolved an issue where when scanning with a Trimble S Series total station using the Polygon framing method, the frame shape shown was a yellow circle. In addition, the scan points appeared as filled circles in the Scanning screen but open circles in the Video screen.
  • Measure codes using the Multi-code button: We have resolved an issue where if you tapped a code button after storing a point that was measured using the Multi-code option, the new code was appended to the existing code string instead of replacing it.
  • Broadcast RTCM transformations: Trimble Access now supports uploading jobs that use a Broadcast RTCM transformation (.rtd) file to Trimble Sync Manager.

    Trimble recommends using one data collector per project to upload .rtd files. If multiple data collectors using .rtd files upload them to the same project there is a potential for file conflicts if the .rtd files have the same name.

  • Application errors: We have fixed the following issues that caused application errors when using or closing the software:
    • An out of memory error that occurred when the controller was connected to a GNSS receiver for more than 20 hours.