Version 2021.11 of the Trimble Access software is available from July 2021. To download these release notes as a PDF file, click this link.

These Release Notes describe the updates available in this release of the Trimble® Access™ software.

Cloud users must upgrade to Trimble Access 2021.10 or later by 31 August

Trimble Access 2021.10 and later includes important security updates for customers using subscriptions or who work with projects and jobs that reside in the cloud.

To continue to sign in to Trimble Access with your Trimble Identity and be able to send data to and from Trimble Sync Manager or to use Trimble Access subscriptions, you must upgrade to Trimble Access version 2021.10 or later before August 31, 2021. Cloud and subscription users still using version 2021.00 or earlier will not be able to sign in after this date.

The latest Trimble Identity update provides multiple security and user experience features, including single sign-on (where signing in to one application signs you in to all of your Trimble applications), social sign-in with your existing Google or Apple account, and multi-factor authentication using SMS or Google Authenticator. You can choose to enable multi-factor authentication for your account from the Trimble Identity web page.

For more information, refer to this Support Bulletin: Trimble Access cloud security update required before August 31st 2021

Resolved issues

  • Feature codes starting with H or V: We have fixed an issue where points with a code starting with the letter "H" or "V" did not appear on the map. (Note that points that only have control codes in the Code field are never displayed on the map.)
  • CAD toolbar offset lines in non-metric units: We have fixed an issue with offset lines created using the CAD toolbar, where offset values were incorrectly converted to metric values for jobs using non-metric units.
  • Measure codes using the Multi-code button: After storing a measurement using a multi-code, the code is now highlighted making it easier to replace with a new code.

  • Stake out line: We have fixed some issues where the method of staking the line or two points between the line was not always being set correctly.
  • Stake out line with long point names: We have fixed an issue where if you were staking a line between two points the software would not recognize point names longer than 16 characters.
  • Stake out to DTM: We have fixed an issue where if you enabled staking out to a DTM file in one job, then staking out to that DTM file was enabled in all jobs.
  • V.Dist DTM stakeout delta: When staking out to a DTM, the V.Dist DTM delta is now automatically shown.
  • Station increment/decrement function keys: We have fixed an issue where if you had configured the Stakeout Station increment and Stakeout Station decrement survey options as function keys then pressing the function key did not increment or decrement the station as expected.
  • Instrument continuously turning: We have fixed an issue with some Trimble Access apps where pressing the arrow keys on the keypad to turn the instrument resulted in the instrument continuously turning.
  • Receiver Internet connection: We have fixed an issue when configuring a Receiver Internet connection, where the receiver's current APN setting was used instead of the APN configured in Trimble Access.
  • Receiver dial-in connection: We have fixed an issue when attempting to establish a dial-in connection where the software returned the message "Error response from modem".
  • Synchronizing RTD files: We have fixed an issue where broadcast RTCM transformation (RTD) files were not uploaded unless the Upload linked project files as well as field data and exports check box was selected. The setting of this check box now does not affect the synchronization of RTD files.

  • Application slowdown: We have fixed an issue that caused Trimble Access 2021.10 to run slowly when some anti-virus and/or file sharing software (such as Google Drive) was running on the controller.
  • Application errors: We have fixed several issues that caused occasional application errors when using or closing the software. In particular:

    • After making a map file visible or selectable in the Layer manager and then changing a map setting such as the Create nodes setting when the Layer manager is still open.

    • When using a DXF file that includes a vertical polyline.

    • When the feature code string ends with an "H" or "V" code.

    • When deleting feature coded linework that includes offset lines.

    • When measuring codes with Multi-code enabled and then selecting a code from a different group.

    • When editing the numerical attribute of a code.

    • Sometimes when closing a form that was open alongside the Video screen.

    • After performing a station elevation, deleting the point used for the known elevation and then reviewing the residual in the Review Job form.

    • When losing the connection to an instrument while storing a point.