To set the customer for an item

To be able to filter devices or software keys by customer, you can set the customer for any device or office software Key ID.

To complete these steps you will need:

  • The serial number of each device or software key that the customer owns.
  • The contact details of the person in the customer organization who is the contact person for the device.

To assign the customer to a device

  1. In the Virtual Warehouse, select the Assign/Upgrade tab.
  2. To find the customer's device, enter the serial number of the device in the Filter field in the navigation bar, and then select Serial number from the list below the Filter field.

    Details for the device that matches the entered serial number are shown.

  3. In the Configuration panel, click <Click here to set customer>.

  4. Enter the details for the person in the customer organization who will be the Entitlement Administrator. You must enter the person's first and last name, their email address and the name of the customer organization.

    Alternatively, select the Existing customer option and select the customer from the list or enter their email address.

  5. Click Assign.

    The customer details you entered are shown at the bottom of the device or office software key details tile.

    If the device has valid software maintenance, a Connect Business subscription entitlement is assigned to the selected customer. The customer can use the Trimble License Manager to assign the subscription to team members in their organization. For more information, see To set up Connect Business with Software Maintenance and Trimble Protected Protection Plans.

If you need to change the customer, for example if you have incorrectly assigned a customer, click the x under CUSTOMER in the Configuration panel and when prompted click Yes, remove customer. Then repeat the steps above to assign a different customer to the device.

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