Catalyst subscriptions

Trimble Catalyst subscriptions can be purchased for a fixed time period or as on-demand usage plans.

Subscription accuracy options

Catalyst subscriptions are available at a range of accuracy levels to suit your particular job requirements.

  • Catalyst 1 – provides centimeter-level accuracy down to 1 cm (0.032 ft or 0.39").
  • Catalyst 10 – provides decimeter accuracy down to 10 cm (0.32 ft).
  • Catalyst 30 – provides sub-foot accuracy down to 30 cm (0.98 ft).
  • Catalyst 60 – provides sub-meter accuracy down to 60 cm (1.96 ft).

Catalyst subscriptions include worldwide and configuration-free access to Trimble correction services through the Trimble Corrections Hub which bundles access to Trimble VRS Now™ and Trimble RTX services for every subscriber at no extra cost.

If you are working outside the corrections area zone supported by Trimble VRS Now and Trimble RTX-Fast, you may need to configure your own custom local correction source to achieve the required accuracy. For more information see GNSS corrections.

Subscription types

  • Catalyst monthly and annual subscriptions are ideal for seasonal, project-based, and predictable usage.

    Purchase a subscription for a fixed number of users, at the level of accuracy you and your teams require, for the length of time needed:

    • one month-at-a-time

    • multiple months-at-a-time

    • one year at a time

  • Catalyst on Demand hourly usage plans are perfect for unpredictable and fluctuating usage and team sizes.

    Catalyst On Demand enables you to pre-pay for On Demand time in 10‑hour blocks.

    Catalyst On Demand provides one subscription type – Catalyst 1 On Demand – which provides precision-level accuracy (1–2 cm).

    Team members assigned to your Catalyst On Demand account use the service as and when needed, consuming 1 hour at a time. You can top up your account as required.

Purchasing subscriptions

Purchase Trimble Catalyst subscriptions or Trimble Catalyst On Demand pre-paid hours from your nearest Trimble Catalyst distributor. Your distributor will also be able to extend or cancel an existing subscription, and supply you with Trimble Catalyst accessories.

After your purchase, use Trimble License Manager to accept the Trimble Catalyst Terms of Service, assign subscriptions to team members, or manage who has access to your Trimble Catalyst On Demand pool. See License management.