Pipelines projects

Large pipeline projects have many survey crews working on multiple sections of the pipeline at any one time. In addition, different survey crews can work on different phases and sections of the pipeline on a daily basis, collecting tally and joint mapping data or using the previously collected tally and joint mapping data. To maximize the efficiency of each survey crew, all crews should create their own jobs on the controller but have access to the tally and joint map data collected by other field crews the previous day.

The most efficient way to manage Pipelines projects is to create the project in Trimble Sync Manager and add the pipeline to the project. This enables you to configure all of the pipeline properties in Trimble Sync Manager, including adding the tally file, feature library and other associated files such as alignment and compute cover files.

Each field crew downloads the project and associated files from the cloud. To start work, the field crew simply creates a job from the job template that was downloaded with the Pipelines project. At the end of each day, each field crew uploads their updated tally and joint map files to the cloud.

Use the Merge tally function in Trimble Sync Manager to merge the updates from the field crews and update the master set of files with the latest changes. At the start of the following workday, each field crew downloads the updated master set.

Project overview screen

The Project overview screen appears when you first create the project or when you select the project in the Projects list.

The Project overview screen shows pipelines added to the project. For each pipeline, the name of each team member who has uploaded tally and joint map data. The status of uploaded tally and joint map data is New or Merged.

From the Project overview screen you can:

  • Add a pipeline.

    To do this, click Properties next to the project name and then select the Pipelines tab.

  • Add team members, job templates and report templates to the project.

    To do this, click Properties next to the project name.

  • Merge tally file updates from the field.

    Click the pipeline when the status of uploaded tally and joint map data is New.

  • Manage the current contents of the master tally set and to view and generate reports in the Pipeline dashboard.

    Click the pipeline when the status of all uploaded tally and joint map data is Merged. Alternatively, click alongside the pipeline name and select Pipeline dashboard.