To add extra pipe manifests to the master tally set

Sometimes additional pipe manifests are provided during the project, for example for prefabricated bends or additional pipe due to a re-route of the pipeline.

You can add the additional tally file to the pipeline from the Project overview screen, and then merge the new file to the project to create an updated master tally file set for the project.

  1. In the Project overview screen, click alongside the pipeline name and select Add new tally. The Add tally screen appears.
  2. Click Browse and browse to the location of the tally CSV file or drag it from File Explorer and drop it onto the Pipeline name field.
  3. Select the column that identifies the Unique joint ID.
  4. Click Add. Trimble Sync Manager processes the file and renamesit to <tallyname>_manifest update. The Merge tally screen appears, with the <tallyname>_manifest update' file selected for merging.
  5. Review the changes to be merged in the Joints and Joint mappings tables.

  6. To reject any data so that it is not merged to the master tally set, clear the check box next to the appropriate table row.
  7. Click Publish new master files.

    The updated set of master tally files is published to the cloud, ready for download to the controller.

The software returns to the Project overview screen. You can generate reports of the latest changes to the master tally set, or download the updated master tally file set from the Pipeline dashboard.