To install or update software

The Install updates tab shows the software components that can be installed to or updated on the device. Use the Install updates tab whether you are installing software for which you have a perpetual license or a subscription.

When installing software components for which you have a:

  • perpetual license, the list of available software components is determined using the serial number of the device, shown in the Serial number field at the top of the screen.

  • subscription, you can install all available software components. The subscription license is checked when you sign into the software on the controller. To use the software, the License Administrator in your organization must assign a subscription to you using the Trimble License Manager webapp.

To install or update software to your device

If you are updating a Windows CE/Windows Mobile device, you must physically connect the device to the computer or tablet where Trimble Installation Manager is installed and then use Windows Mobile Device Center to connect the device to the computer. The Trimble Installation Manager software starts automatically once the device is connected.

  1. Connect the device to the Internet.
  2. Start Trimble Installation Manager on the device.

    Trimble Installation Manager automatically connects to the Internet using the device's Internet connection, updates itself if required and then checks for available updates.

  3. In the product bar, select the product you want to install or update. You can select only one product at a time.
  4. Make sure the version you want to install is selected in the Version field.

    If the Download button is available you can download the software to the computer for installing at a later date.

  5. In the Install updates tab, select the items to install. The color of an item indicates its installation status. See Device status.

  6. Tap Install.

    The progress of the software download and installation is shown.

    When using Trimble Installation Manager on a Windows device, your anti-virus software may show an alert. In most cases, you can continue with the installation anyway. If your anti-virus software does not allow you to continue, you must configure your anti-virus software to accept the changes made by Trimble Installation Manager. Trimble strongly recommends that you always run up-to-date anti-virus software on the device.

  7. To close Trimble Installation Manager, tap Finish.