To download and install the latest version of TerraFlex, see Installing TerraFlex.

June 2024

TerraFlex 2024.16 (iOS)

  • TerraFlex will now use the full screen size when running on iPad devices.

TerraFlex 2024.15 (Android)

  • Fixed an issue where the Trimble DA2 GNSS receiver was not visible in TerraFlex and could not be connected to.

April 2024

TerraFlex 2024.10

This release introduces a new application version number scheme for TerraFlex.

  • Tasks can now be created in TerraFlex and synchronized to the Trimble Connect Map Viewer. Field-created tasks make it easier to organize and manage field data collection activities.

March 2024

Map Viewer

  • Added an option to filter the map by attribute value. You can find the new Attribute Value filter on the Filter tab.

February 2024

TerraFlex 5.11

  • Added support for the Trimble TDC6 GNSS handheld.

  • Trimble Maps are now available offering improved background map quality.

  • The Location Status screen in the Android and iOS versions of TerraFlex has been updated to make it easier to understand the configuration and quality of GNSS positions.

  • The Trimble R12 GNSS receiver is now supported by the Trimble Offline GNSS Corrections service. This does not apply to the Trimble R12i receiver which remains unsupported by the Offline GNSS Corrections service.

  • TerraFlex is now translated into Japanese and Italian.

Map Viewer

  • Trimble Maps are now available in the Map Viewer offering improved background map quality.

  • DWG and DXF export format options are now available. These formats require a Trimble Terra Office Basic license.

  • Attribute summaries are now available for Choice and Coded Choice field types in the Form panel. These summaries present a pie graph of all values for that field in the current selection enabling you to quickly find forms with specific values.

December 2023

Map Viewer

  • Added an option to export form height values as ‘Height Above Ellipsoid’ instead of using a local geoid. This option is best suited for users who may have collected forms outside of the extents of the local geoid.

November 2023

Map Viewer

  • Added automatic pan and zoom on form selection.

  • Updated the file import process to improve performance and reliability, especially with files containing large numbers of features.

  • Enabled coordinate systems for the following countries: Barbados, French Guiana, Trinidad & Tobago.

October 2023

TerraFlex 5.10

  • Added support for external sensors (LaserTech TruPulse 200, 200X, 360°, and 360°R laser rangefinders; SPX Radiodetection RD8100 and RD8200 underground utility locators; and Vivax Metrotech vLoc3-Pro underground utility locator) and the ability to include Sensor fields on a form template that automatically populate when a sensor is fired.

  • Added support for Trimble Inertial Platform™ (TIP™) technology with Trimble R12i and R780 GNSS receivers.

Map Viewer

  • Enabled coordinate systems for the following countries: Argentina, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine.

  • Enabled coordinate systems for the following US Counties: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin.

June 2023

TerraFlex 5.9.2

  • Added support for the Trimble R580 GNSS system.

TerraFlex 5.9.0

  • High accuracy positioning is now triggered when the user is close to the target when navigating to an existing feature or coordinates.

  • Added the ability to include Coded Choice fields—a set of Code + Description values— on a form template. TerraFlex then provides a drop-down list of values that the user can select from; the user sees the Description, but it is the associated Code that is stored for the attribute.

  • Users can now define Custom Logging Rates. For Point features, the number of positions that must be logged and averaged can be set. For Line or Area features, the number of positions that must be logged and averaged for a vertex in the line / area can be set, and can be time- or distance-based.

  • Users can now clear values entered for Date, Choice (single choice), and Yes/No fields.

  • Draft forms can now be deleted if they have not been saved / sync'd to Trimble Connect, and were not imported as part of a task / ToDo.

  • Image location, heading, and time stamp which are stored to the image EXIF data can now be added as watermarks to images.

Map Viewer

  • Form templates can now be shared between Trimble Connect projects using Workspace Definition files.

February 2023


  • Improved the crosshair alignment on the TDC650 Virtual Pole (Android Only).

  • Fixed an issue with breadcrumb file upload.

  • Fixed an issue with Navigate to Coordinate for European coordinate systems.

January 2023


  • Fixes an issue with Trimble Offline GNSS Corrections being disabled unexpectedly. Trimble recommends all users who use Offline GNSS Corrections update to this version.

Map Viewer

  • Added functionality to duplicate groups in the Template Editor.

  • Made visibility of automatic fields editable for locked templates.

  • Fixed a bug where mininum and maximum values for number fields were not visible in locked templates.

December 2022

Map Viewer

  • In the scenario where users cannot enable Offline GNSS because there is no location set for the workspace, we now navigate users directly to the Workspace Details panel so you can set them. A popup message confirms when the workspace location has been set successfully.

  • For Internet sources in Real-time GNSS, we now prevent the user from editing the Datum if it has been automatically selected based on an NTRIP Source.

November 2022

TerraFlex 5.8.1 (Windows only)

  • Fixed an issue with connecting to the EM100 Empower Module on Trimble T7, Trimble T100, and Trimble TSC7 devices.

TerraFlex 5.8.0

  • Users can now annotate images, adding text, linework or shapes such as circles and arrows. You can also use the image editor to crop or rotate images. See Annotating images.

  • Users can now save a breadcrumb trail indicating the path you have taken to the Breadcrumb Files folder in the Trimble Connect project. See TerraFlex settings.

  • The TerraFlex software is now available in Portguese (Brazil).

Map Viewer

  • Improved accuracy of checking availability of base stations based on the location of the map workspace when enabling Offline GNSS.

  • Fixed display issue of vertical accuracy in the feature panel when there is no value.

  • Prevented selecting radio buttons in the Template Editor for locked templates.

  • Fixed an issue where selecting a rule in the Template Editor would automatically cause the rule list to scroll to the top.

  • Fixed an issue where right clicking on a layer in shared mode would display an empty menu.

October 2022

Map Viewer

  • Disabled Offline GNSS toggle for workspaces that do not have compatible base stations nearby.

  • Fixed a bug where imports still in progress would not be shown when clicking 'x' in the import modal.

  • Fixed a bug in the template editor where a user could edit and publish a new template version by navigating to the rules tab, even if no changes had been made.

September 2022

TerraFlex 5.7.1 (iOS only)

  • Fixed an issue which caused Number fields to be hidden on devices running iOS 16.

TerraFlex 5.7.0

  • Added support for Offline GNSS Corrections, providing high accuracy GNSS positioning without requiring real-time corrections in the field. See Offline GNSS corrections.

  • Added support for LaserTech TruPulse 200X laser rangefinder for collecting remote features. The TruPulse 200X is supported on all devices, including iOS.

  • Added Danish language support.

Map Viewer

  • Users can now enable their workspaces for offline GNSS corrections.

  • The Activity tab has been added to the Map Viewer, showing information on who has sync'd forms from TerraFlex recently. See Viewing recent activity.

  • Users can now see a summary of GNSS Accuracy of forms in a selection. See Viewing accuracy results.

August 2022

Map Viewer

  • Added ability to set the default value and reorder items in choice fields for locked templates (Templates that have been created through Trimble Positions).

  • Fixed an issue with shared workspaces where the toolbar at the top of the map would occasionally not be displayed.

  • Fixed an issue with the creation of workspaces using the Belgian Lambert72 (NTV2) datum. This caused the coordinates of imported features within the workspace to appear slightly offset in TerraFlex.

June 2022

Map Viewer

  • Fixed an issue where the workspace list in the main menu would appear cut off at the bottom of the screen after scrolling.

May 2022

Map Viewer

  • Fixed an issue with Map Viewer not working on Safari desktop browser as well as Safari and Chrome on iOS.

April 2022

Map Viewer

  • Fixed an issue with rule icons not being displayed in the Template Editor upon first navigation to the Rules tab.

  • Fixed an issue with rules not working correctly when multiple fields of the same type existed within a template.

  • Fixed an issue in the workspace creation wizard where going back and forth after setting the coordinate system to Geographic would result in the wizard becoming unresponsive.

  • Restricted creation of Real-Time Configurations to project administrators.

  • Updated styling of export download page.

March 2022

Map Viewer

  • Improved the performance of the template editor when working with large templates.

  • Fixed an issue which caused templates from deleted map workspaces to be visible in the Template Library.

  • Fixed an issue which meant that rules could not be deleted after creating a rule targeting a page header element. (Updated 21st March 2022)

TerraFlex 5.6.1

  • Further improvements to app stability when connecting to Trimble GNSS receivers.

TerraFlex 5.6.0

  • Improvements to Bluetooth connectivity and stability when working with Trimble GNSS receivers.

  • The storage location for TerraFlex files, including log files, has been updated to meet Android requirements. TerraFlex log files are now located in the Android/Data/com.trimble.terraflex folder on Android devices.

February 2022

Map Viewer

  • Users can now create offline map caches using satellite imagery.

September 2021

TerraFlex 5.5.0

TerraFlex 5.5.0 supports the new Trimble Catalyst DA2 GNSS receiver (Android and iOS devices only).

July 2021

TerraFlex 5.4.0

All TerraFlex users must upgrade to TerraFlex 5.4.0 by 31 August

TerraFlex 5.4.0 includes important Trimble Identity security updates for customers. The latest Trimble Identity update provides multiple security and user experience features, including single sign-on (where signing in to one application signs you in to all of your Trimble applications), social sign-in with your existing Google or Apple account, and multi‑factor authentication using SMS or Google Authenticator. You can choose to enable multi‑factor authentication for your account from the Trimble Identity webpage.

Previous versions of TerraFlex use a Trimble Identity method which is no longer supported. Sign in using TerraFlex version 5.3.0 or earlier will not be possible after August 31, 2021.

For more information, refer to this Support Note: Trimble TerraFlex updated to support the new Trimble Identity system.

March 2021

TerraFlex 5.3.0

Improvements & fixes

  • Additional local coordinate systems support for the UK and the Netherlands

    TerraFlex and the Trimble Connect Map Viewer now support the following additional local coordinate systems:

    • UK: Ordnance Survey

    • Netherlands: RD2018

    Data can be imported and exported in the same coordinate system as the workspace.

December 2020

TerraFlex 5.1.0

Improvements & fixes

  • Added alerts to inform the user when they are in Trial mode, and when there is unsynchronized data on the mobile device.
  • Android only: Fixed an issue where accuracy from Android Location Services was worse than expected on some devices.

November 2020

TerraFlex 5.0.0

New features

  • Local coordinate systems support

    TerraFlex now allows you to configure your data collection project using a regional or national coordinate system. In addition, you can choose either geographic (latitude/longitude) or projected (northing/easting) coordinate storage and display. You can also select a geoid model for storing feature heights as orthometric (or mean-sea-level, MSL) instead of being limited to HAE. The selection of coordinate system and geoid is set at the TerraFlex project level and affects not only the storage of feature geometries but also coordinate display and navigation in the field.

    In the Trimble Connect Map Viewer, coordinate system selection is done as part of a new workspace creation wizard. The wizard guides you through the selection of the most appropriate coordinate system by first asking for the area-of-interest where you will be collecting data. The list of available coordinate systems is then filtered to only present the relevant choices (includes both geographic and projected coordinate systems).

August 2020

TerraFlex (Android only)

Improvements & fixes

  • Improved data sync.

October 2019

TerraFlex 4.4.17 (Android only)

Improvements & fixes

  • Resolves a Sync upload duplication issue.