GPS search

During a robotic survey, if the instrument loses lock to the target and the software is connected to a GNSS receiver, you can use the GPS/GNSS receiver to help point the instrument to the target.

By default, GPS search is enabled when Trimble Access is:

  • connected to a Trimble survey grade GNSS receiver and running an integrated survey
  • running on a controller with internal GPS

When using a controller with internal GPS, a connected GNSS receiver is always used in preference to the internal GPS.

If the total station is set up in terms of the defined projection and datum, then GPS search is ready as soon as the station setup is complete. When GPS search is ready, the message GPS Search ready appears in the status line, and the target icon displays a satellite icon above the prism .

If you do not have a fully define coordinate system, or if you are using a custom auxiliary GNSS receiver, you will need to configure GPS search before you can use it. You can use GPS search when connected to an auxiliary GNSS receiver that is outputting NMEA GGA messages at 1 Hz through a serial or Bluetooth port to the controller.