BIM and IFC models

A BIM model is a 3D model of a building or other built asset such as a bridge, road, or pipeline. BIM models are used in the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of the built asset.

Trimble Access supports the following BIM file types:

  • TrimBIM (*.trb) files are BIM models in a Trimble file format that is a smaller, more efficient alternative to IFC.
  • IFC files are Industry Foundation Class files. They provide a BIM model that can be used for surveying fieldwork including stakeout, cogo calculations and measuring points. Trimble Access supports IFC files in the .ifc or .ifczip file format.

    Trimble Access does not support BIM models when running on an Android device.

IFC file settings in Trimble Access apply equally to TrimBIM files.