To configure the integrated survey style

  1. Tap and select Settings / Survey styles.
  2. Tap New.
  3. Enter the Style name and set the Style type to Integrated Surveying. Tap Accept.
  4. Select the Conventional and GNSS styles you want to reference for the integrated style. Tap Accept.
  5. In the Prism to antenna offset field, tap and select the prism type. The Prism to antenna offset field is automatically populated with the correct offset value for the selected prism. For details on the prism to antenna offset value for each prism type see Prism to antenna offset values for standard prisms.

    If an incorrect antenna measurement method is set, the incorrect offset is applied to the GNSS antenna heights. Make sure the correct position is selected in the Measured to field for the antenna in the Rover options form of the GNSS survey style referenced by the integrated survey style. For R12i, R12, and R10 receivers, the offset is from the center of the prism to the bottom of the quick release. For other receivers, the offset is from the center of the prism to the bottom of the antenna mount.

    To change the GNSS antenna height during an integrated survey you must change the current target height. See To change the antenna or prism height during an integrated survey.

  6. If the controller has theTrimble Access Roads software installed, the Precise elevation option is available. To combine the GNSS horizontal position with the elevation from a conventional setup, enable Precise elevation. See Precise elevations.

  7. Tap Accept.
  8. Tap Store.