Managing scan layers

The Scans tab in the Layer manager screen lists the scan files and regions in the current job.

Use the Scans tab to hide or display scan files in the map and in the Video screen.

Scan files include scan point clouds (.rwcx files) from a Trimble SX10 or SX12 scanning total station and .tsf scan files created using a Trimble VX Series or S Series instrument that has Trimble VISION technology. For more information about using scans in Trimble Access, see Scan points and point clouds.

The color beside each scan from a Trimble SX10 or SX12 scanning total station indicates the color used for the point cloud if Scan color is selected as the Color mode for point clouds. See Point cloud options in the Map settings or Video settings.

Regions contain scan points from one or more scan point clouds. Create a region to include only the scan points you are most interested in.


  • To see more clearly inside a point cloud, use the Limit box to exclude parts of the scan point cloud. See Limit box.

  • If required, use the Delete and Rename softkeys to manage regions and scans. To restore deleted items, use the Undelete option in Review job.