Surface inspection

The Surface inspection cogo function compares the scan point cloud of an as-built surface with a reference surface and calculates the distance to the reference surface for each scan point to create an inspection point cloud. The selected reference surface can be a plane, cylinder, scan, or existing surface file.

You can create a region to include in the inspection only the scan points you are interested in. A region contains scan points from one or more .rcwx scan point clouds or from other regions. The region can be used to compare against any reference surface or, when performing a scan to scan surface inspection, create a region so that you can compare multiple scans with multiple scans.

Points in the inspection point cloud are color-coded to provide immediate visual feedback between the point cloud and the reference surface. When inspecting a horizontal floor, for example, you will be able to see immediately any parts of the floor that are lower than they should be, and any parts of the floor that are higher than they should be.

You can save the inspection point cloud to the job. You can also save screen captures and annotate them if required, to highlight particular point details and problem areas.

Only scans created using a Trimble SX10 or SX12 scanning total station can be used in the surface inspection. Multiple scans can be used if more than one scan is required to cover the as-built surface.