BIM models

A BIM model is a 3D model of a building or other built asset such as a bridge, road, or pipeline. BIM models are used in the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of the built asset. In Trimble Access, BIM models can be used for surveying fieldwork including stakeout, cogo calculations and measuring points.

IFC and TrimBIM files are not supported on 32-bit Android controllers, which are the TCU5 controller and the TDC600 model 1 handheld.

Trimble Access supports the following BIM model file types:

  • Drawing (.dwg) files created using Autodesk AutoCAD software.

  • IFC (Industry Foundation Class files) in the .ifc or .ifczip file format.

  • Navisworks (.nwd) files created using Navisworks software.

  • TrimBIM (.trb) files, which are a smaller, more efficient alternative to IFC.

DWG and NWD files are not supported when stored directly to an Android device. To use DWG or NWD files when running Trimble Access on an Android device, upload them to a Trimble Connect project using Trimble Connect for Windows. The files are automatically converted to TrimBIM files in the cloud. When you download the project to the controller, select the Settings tab and select the Download as TrimBIM check box. This setting is not required when using a Windows controller, but may still provide better performance. For more information, see Synchronizing data with the cloud.

Trimble Access supports the reading of standard AutoCAD entities from DWG files. Some CAD applications, for example Civil 3D, use AutoCAD extensions to create 3D objects which may not be supported by Trimble Access. Using a DXF file may be better than trying to use DWG, or you could try converting a Civil 3D drawing to a standard AutoCAD DWG format. For more information, visit Autodesk's Knowledge Network to learn how to convert Civil 3D drawings to standard AutoCAD format.