Map backgrounds

Add background information to your map to provide context for the other data in the map.

Unlike other linked map files, items in background maps cannot be selected.

Supported sources of map background information are:

  • Trimble Maps

    Trimble Maps is the simplest option for providing map backgrounds if the controller is typically connected to the Internet.

    Trimble Maps requires no configuration and is available with any Trimble Access controller that has a current Trimble Access Software Maintenance Agreement or to any user who has a valid Trimble Access subscription.

    See Trimble Maps.

  • Web map service (WMS) 

    Configure the connection to a web map service (WMS) and view an online map provided by the service.

    The controller must be connected to the Internet any time you want to be able to view the data provided by the WMS.

    See Web map & web feature services (WMS or WFS).

  • Web feature service (WFS)

    Configure the connection to a web feature service (WFS) to request geographical features over the Internet and then save the data as a file so that you can use it in the field without an Internet connection.

    See Web map & web feature services (WMS or WFS).

  • Image

    Link to your own background image file stored on the controller. This option does not require an Internet connection.

    See Background image files.

Configure any of the supported map background sources using the Map files tab of the Layer manager.