Monitoring 1.1.2

Monitoring version 1.1.2, released with Trimble Access version 2020.20 in December 2020, is available for Windows controllers.

Monitoring version is the latest version available for Android controllers. The improvements listed below apply to version 1.1.2 for Windows. These improvements are not available on Android.

New features

Monitoring version 1.1.2 streamlines the site setup for automated monitoring, reducing the need for multiple applications and devices brought on to site. You can use the same workflow for both manual and automated monitoring projects.

Transfer of site setup through Settop M1 to Trimble 4D Control

Settop M1 is the recommended way of communicating to a total station in an automated monitoring environment. The new Settop M1 feature allows transferring site setup information, including point lists and round scheduler settings, seamlessly to the Settop M1 and indirectly to Trimble 4D Control. It eliminates additional configuration work in the field (Settop M1) and in Trimble 4D Control.

To transfer site setup information, in Monitoring tap and select Data exchange / Settop M1 / Send Site Setup.

Site setup exchange with Trimble 4D Control (Import/Export)

The Monitoring field software further consolidates with Trimble 4D Control by adding site setup exchange capability in both directions. In a scenario where no Settop M1 is used, the T4D Control feature allows customers to perform a site setup in the field and then benefit from this information in Trimble 4D Control afterward. In addition, an existing site setup exported by Trimble 4D Control can be imported for continued work in the field.

To export a site setup, in Monitoring tap and select Data exchange / T4D Control / Export Site Setup.

To import a site setup, in Monitoring tap and select Data exchange / T4D Control / Import Site Setup.


  • Prism constants can now be entered in millimeters instead of meters.