Version 2021.21 of the Trimble Access software is available from February 2022. To download these release notes as a PDF file, click this link.

These Release Notes describe the new features and changes available in this release of the Trimble® Access™ software.

New hardware support

Trimble R750 GNSS receiver

Trimble Access version 2021.21 supports the new Trimble R750 modular GNSS receiver.

The R750 modular GNSS receiver can be remotely operated as a base station for broadcasting RTK corrections or as a rover. Adaptable and scalable, choose the features you need now, with flexibility to add more functionality as your requirements change in the future.

For more information on the latest receivers, go to the Trimble Geospatial GNSS Systems web page.


LandXML road enhancements

  • Map loading times for files with a large number of alignments has been considerably improved.

  • Support has been added for alignments with names containing previously invalid characters - $"*/<>?|. In earlier versions of the software an alignment containing one or more of these characters could not be staked out.

Coordinate system database updates

The coordinate system database installed with Trimble Access includes the following enhancements:

  • Added French Geoid Model RAF20.

  • Added new Brazilian Geoid hgeoHNOR2020.

  • Added new ICS83 LDP zones for Illinois.

  • Added datum grid and zones for Saxony, Germany.

  • Added support for Australian Vertical Working Surface (AVWS).

  • Added support for the latest version of HTDP 3.4.0 in the United States.

  • Added new kinematic datum and displacement model for India.

  • Added kinematic datum and displacement model for Mexico.

Resolved issues

  • Data storage issue: We have fixed an issue where the automatic writing of data held in memory to disk every 3 seconds was, in rare cases, being suspended. The suspension by itself did not cause any data loss, as the data would still be saved when the job was closed, but if the process was suspended and the Trimble Access software was unexpectedly shut down, then some data loss could occur. The fix to the software ensures that the unexpected suspension of the automatic writing to disk cannot occur.

    Because this issue was first reported with Trimble Access version 2021.10, all customers who have version 2021.10 or later installed are entitled to install version 2021.21. Trimble recommends upgrading at your earliest convenience.

  • Uploading Shapefiles to the cloud: We have fixed an issue where uploading Shapefiles to the cloud uploaded only the .shp, .shx, and .dbx files for the job, and did not include Shapefiles for feature codes. Now all .shp, .shx, and .dbx files for the job and any feature codes used in the job are uploaded.

  • Import null values: We have fixed an issue when importing an ASCII file where null values were erroneously shown as 0 values rather than ? values.
  • Photo attributes in Point Manager: We have fixed an issue where the photo attribute field showed ? instead of the photo file name when using Point Manager to review a feature-coded point with a photo attribute.
  • Scanning with an S Series instrument using a TSC5 or TDC600 controller: We have fixed an issue when scanning with a Trimble S Series total station using a TSC5 or TDC600 controller, where the scan points would appear in the correct position when viewed on the controller, but the .tsf file containing the scan points would not import correctly into Trimble Business Center. This issue was introduced in Trimble Access 2021.20

  • Radio connection to total station on Android: Connecting to a total station using a radio is now more reliable on Android controllers.
  • SX10/SX12 plummet camera issue on Android: We have fixed an issue where colors were not shown correctly in the live video feed of the Trimble SX10 or SX12 scanning total station plummet camera when using an Android controller. Snapshots captured using the plummet camera were not affected.
  • SX10/SX12 Wi-Fi connection on Android: When using an Android controller and connected to a Trimble SX10 or SX12 scanning total station using Wi-Fi, you now only need to tap the Connect on the Device to use with Trimble Access message the first time that you connect to the instrument. The software does not present this message every time you connect.
  • GNSS RTK NTRIP mountpoint selection: If the NTRIP caster uses a default coordinate location of 0,0 then the Distance field no longer shows a value. An issue was introduced in Trimble Access version 2021.20 where the software calculated the distance to the 0,0 coordinate, resulting in the Distance field showing a very large value.
  • Third-party NTRIP caster connection issue: We have fixed an issue when connecting to third-party NTRIP casters that employ Basic authentication, where the Establishing connection progress bar would stop at 20% due to an unexpected response, or no response, from the caster.
  • Chinese subscription use: To comply with Chinese data regulations concerning the upload of Chinese geospatial data to servers outside of China, Trimble Access now allows sign in with Trimble Identity for use of subscriptions, but prevents use of the Trimble Connect cloud platform if your IP address is determined to be in China.
  • Application errors: We have fixed several issues that caused occasional application errors when using or closing the software. In particular:

    • When performing stakeout using a conventional instrument.

    • After capturing a panorama before starting a scan using a Trimble SX10 or SX12 scanning total station when running Trimble Access on an Android controller.

    • When performing dual prism offset measurements in the Measure topo form, and switching to another task that would allow you to enter another target height.

    • When starting to import a receiver file.

    • Attempting to apply a site calibration a second time, after importing a job from a jxl file which already contained a site calibration.

    • When loading a LandXML file with more than one PlanFeatures record in the map.

    • When configuring the EM120 radio after recently restarting the Trimble Access software.