New features

Split screen Video or Map view when measuring or scanning

During auto-scan, set out, machine positioning or when measuring a position in the tunnel, the plan view or cross section view of the tunnel now appears alongside the map or, if available, the instrument video view is shown so that you can see where the instrument is pointing.

In split screen view:

  • To fine-tune the position of the instrument, use the Zoom level tool in the Video screen to zoom in and then press the up, down, left or right arrow keys on the controller keypad to move the instrument. The arrow keys do not move the instrument during scanning.

  • When the map is shown, use the left or right arrow keys to increment points and the up or down arrow keys to increment stations.

  • To switch to the map view, tap in the video toolbar. To switch to the video view, tap in the map toolbar.

  • To view more softkeys, tap or swipe right to left (or left to right) along the row of softkeys.

  • To make the map/video view or the plan/cross section view larger, tap and swipe across the screen.


User-configurable delta information

Trimble Access 2022.00 allows you to customize the delta information shown for the current position and, if applicable, its relationship to the selected setout position shown at the bottom of the plan and cross section screens.

To show or hide deltas so that only the information you are interested in is shown, tap and hold the information panel at the bottom of the screen. You can also reorder the displayed delta information.

Map softkeys

We have improved the softkeys that appear below the map in the Tunnels software. Select the tunnel in the map and then:

  • Tap the new Edit softkey to edit the tunnel definition.

  • Tap the Review softkey to display the tunnel review screen.

Tunnel surface display in map

To control the appearance of the tunnel surface in the map, users should now use the Display drop-down list in the Surface group box rather than the Roads surface group box in the Map settings screen. In addition to the Color gradient, Shaded, and Outline options, the Surface group box Display drop-down list provides the additional Triangles and Color gradient + triangles options, which allow you to view the tunnel surface as a mesh.

In Trimble Access 2022.00, the Road surface setting no longer has any affect on TXL files.

Resolved issues

  • LandXML to TunnelXML: We have fixed an issue when using the LandXML to TunnelXML stylesheet, where radius values were not correctly converted from the LandXML file, resulting in an incorrect tunnel definition.
  • Application errors: We have fixed several issues that caused occasional application errors when using or closing the software. In particular:

    • After defining a tunnel with a single horizontal element. Now the tunnel is created but not shown in the map until another element is added.