Version 2023.01 of the Trimble Access software is available from May 2023.

These Release Notes describe the new features and changes available in this release of the Trimble® Access™ software. Alternatively, you can download these release notes as a PDF file.

Resolved issues

  • Ground scale factor coordinate system: We have fixed an issue where a coordinate system with a keyed in Ground scale factor could not be stored if the Project location ground coordinates Northing and Easting were unable to be computed. This could happen, for example, if the Project location was outside the range of the selected geoid model.

  • Linked jobs: The message "Invalid reference frame transformation parameters" will no longer appear when linking a job created by a previous version of Trimble Access.

  • Georeference map: We have fixed an issue when the first linked design files in the job are a long way from other data in the job, where the software did not show the message prompting you to georeference the map if Trimble Maps was enabled.

  • WMS and WFS configuration: We have fixed an issue when using URLs that provide both WMS and WFS services, where sometimes the wrong service type was selected, resulting in errors when attempting to connect to the service. The Trimble Access software now requires you to select the service type before entering the URL, and will only try to connect with the type of service that is specified.

  • Check backsight: We have fixed several issues when checking the backsight in a conventional survey:

    • When using active tracking mode.

    • We have improved the software behavior when checking the backsight using two faces.

    • The code and descriptions of the original point are now retained when you return to that point.

  • Staking out a feature coded polyline: We have fixed an issue where you could not stake feature coded linework because the software reported the selected line did not exist.
  • Review point by Station and offset: We have reinstated the ability to review the vertical offset distance for a point relative to an alignment, when the point is not directly above the alignment.
  • Start and End station: We have fixed an issue where the Start station and End station buttons did not work if Use chainage distance terminology was selected in the Select language settings screen.

  • LandXML with surface stakeout: We have fixed an issue when staking an alignment in a LandXML file with surfaces, where after measuring a point if you tapped the STA+ or STA- softkey the software returned to the stakeout selection screen rather than allowing you to stake the next or previous station.

    This fix has resulted in a changed workflow when displaying the cut/fill to a digital terrain model (DTM) when staking out a point, line, arc, polyline, alignment or road. You now need to make sure the DTM is visible in the map in addition to selecting the DTM via the Options softkey.

  • Stationing with a LandXML string road: We have fixed several issues with stationing when staking a LandXML string road:
    • You can now select a station from the list or key in a station.
    • Tapping the STA+ or STA- softkey selects the next or previous station.
    • The Auto increment setting now works as expected.
  • 12da vertical curves: We have resolved an issue with 12da files where the vertical alignment contained both arcs and parabolas.

  • Object oriented setup: We have fixed an issue where the target direction was not stored if the target type was changed to perpendicular after an observation was made or if TRK mode was used.

  • Echo sounder depths: We have fixed an issue where Trimble Access failed to report depths when connected to an echo sounder using Bluetooth.

  • Application errors: We have fixed several issues that caused occasional application errors when using or closing the software. In particular:

    • After tapping a map file a second time in the Layer manager before it has finished loading.

    • When attempting to reverse the direction of a line, arc or polyline.

    • When staking out from a linked file.

    • When attempting to draw feature library symbols where the symbol size is defined by an attribute value but that value is null.