Supported equipment

Trimble Access software version 2022.01 communicates best with the software and hardware products listed below.

For best performance, hardware should always have the latest available firmware installed.

For more information on recent software and firmware versions, refer to the Trimble Geospatial Software and Firmware Latest Releases document.

Supported controllers

Windows devices

The Trimble Access software runs on the following Windows® 64-bit devices:

  • Trimble TSC7 controller
  • Trimble T7, T10, or T100 tablet
  • Supported third-party tablets

For more information on supported third-party tablets, go to Trimble Access Downloads and click Support Bulletins – Trimble Access to download the Trimble Access 2021 on 64-bit Windows 10 bulletin.

Android devices

The Trimble Access software runs on the following Android™ devices:

  • Trimble TSC5 controller
  • Trimble TDC600 handheld
  • Trimble TDC650 handheld GNSS receiver
  • Trimble TCU5 controller

A small number of features are not supported when running Trimble Access on an Android device. For more information, see the section Tips for Android devices in the Trimble Access Help.

Supported conventional instruments

Conventional instruments that can be connected to the controller running Trimble Access are:

  • Trimble scanning total stations: SX12, SX10
  • Trimble VX™ spatial station
  • Trimble S Series total stations: S8/S6/S3 and S9/S7/S5
  • Trimble mechanical total stations: C5, C3, M3, M1
  • Trimble SPS Series total stations

  • Spectra® Geospatial total stations: FOCUS® 50/35/30
  • Supported third‑party total stations

The functionality available in the Trimble Access software depends on the model and firmware version of the connected instrument. Trimble recommends updating the instrument to the latest available firmware to use this version of Trimble Access.

Connections to the SX10 or SX12 are not supported when using the TCU5 controller or the TDC600 model 1 handheld.

Supported GNSS receivers

GNSS receivers that can be connected to the controller running Trimble Access are:

  • Trimble integrated GNSS surveying systems: R12i, R12, R10, R8s, R8, R6, R4, R2
  • Trimble modular GNSS surveying systems: R750, R9s, NetR9 Geospatial, R7, R5
  • Trimble SPS Series GNSS Smart Antennas: SPS986, SPS985, SPS985L, SPS785, SPS585
  • Trimble SPS Series GNSS modular receivers: SPS85x
  • Trimble Alloy GNSS Reference Receiver
  • Trimble TDC650 handheld GNSS receiver
  • Spectra Geospatial integrated GNSS receivers: SP85, SP80, SP60
  • Spectra Geospatial modular GNSS receivers: SP90m
  • FAZA2 GNSS receiver
  • S-Max GEO receiver

Because Spectra Geospatial receivers use different GNSS firmware to other supported receivers, not all functionality in the Trimble Access software is available when a Spectra Geospatial receiver is in use. For more information, refer to the support bulletin Spectra Geospatial receiver support in Trimble Access.