To upload a local project to the cloud

Projects and jobs that reside in the cloud can be easily shared with other team members or managed from the office using Trimble Sync Manager.

To be able to upload a project to the cloud, you must be signed in using your Trimble ID. If you are using Trimble Access with a perpetual license, and the controller must have a current Trimble Access software maintenance agreement, and you must have a Trimble Connect subscription. To view the types of licenses assigned to you or to the controller, tap and select About. For more information, see Software installation and licensing.

  1. Select the project in the Projects screen and then tap and select Upload.

    The Create cloud project dialog appears.

  2. Select the location of the Trimble Connect file server where the project will reside. Choosing the file server for the region closest to your location gives better performance when downloading or uploading data.
  3. Tap Yes.

    The Upload project screen shows the progress of the upload. Any project files that are uploaded are listed.

    If you are unable to upload the project but have previously been able to upload a project, tap and select About to check your subscription type. If you have a Trimble Connect Personal subscription you may have exceeded the number of projects you can create. Ask your organization's License Administrator to assign a Trimble Connect Business subscription to you using the Trimble License Manager web app.

  4. Tap Accept.

    In the Projects screen, the cloud icon next to the project shows , which indicates the project in the cloud is the same as the project on the controller.

  5. To upload any jobs in the project to the cloud, select the job in the Jobs screen and then tap and select Upload.

    Once the job is uploaded, it can be viewed and managed in Trimble Sync Manager. You can also share cloud projects with other team members from Trimble Access. See Managing team members.

If jobs in the local project use a feature code library file, and you want other controllers that use this project to have access to the feature code library, then the feature code library file must be added to the project as a reference file in Trimble Sync Manager. For more information, see To add reference files in the Trimble Sync Manager Help .