Use the Stakeout function to stake out points, lines, arcs, polylines, alignments, roads, and DTMs. To use stake out you must start a survey.

Do not change the coordinate system or calibration after you have staked out items. If you do, the previously staked out points will be inconsistent with the new coordinate system and any points computed or staked out after the change.

To use GNSS for stakeout, you must start an RTK survey. To stake out lines, arcs, polylines, alignments, or digital terrain models, you must define a projection and datum transformation.

You can stake out items that are already in the job, in a linked file, or by keying them in during stakeout. You can stake them out from the map, from the menu, or from a list you have created. To work from a list, see Stake out items list.

To watch how to stake out different types of features and how to configure options, take a look at the Stakeout with Trimble Access playlist on the Trimble Access YouTube channel.

To stake out an item

  1. To stake out from:

    • the map, select the item to be staked out in the map and tap Stake out.
    • the menu, tap and select Stakeout and then select the item type to stake out. In the Stake out screen, select the item to stake out.

    When selecting line, arc, or polyline features to stake out from the map, tap near the end of the feature that you want to designate as the start. Arrows are then drawn on the feature to indicate the direction. If the direction is incorrect, tap the feature to deselect it and then tap it at the correct end to reselect the feature in the direction required. Alternatively tap and hold in the map and select Reverse direction from the menu. If the feature has been offset, the offset directions are not swapped when the direction is reversed.

  2. Navigate to the point, or to the point designated as the start of the feature. Alternatively, direct the person holding the pole on which the target or prism is mounted to the point.

    For detailed information on using the stakeout navigation feature, see Stakeout navigation.

  3. Mark the point.
  4. Tap Accept to store the point.
  5. If you selected the View before storage option, the staked deltas you selected in the Stakeout options screen are shown. Tap Store to store the deltas.